(Foto: Compostie Bart van der Leck, 1918 / © erven Bart van der Leck/Pictoright)

On Friday 18 September 2020, the painting ‘Composition’ by Bart van der Leck from 1918, which is currently part of the Rijksmuseum’s 20th century collection, was seized. The painting has been the property of the Silbermann family for decades. After a series of unexpected events, the painting was donated to the museum in 2013, which did not act in good faith. The donor had previously transferred the painting to her sons and was acting under the influence of a mental disorder. As a result of irregularities and carelessness on the part of the Rijksmuseum, Ms Silbermann gave up the work to the Rijksmuseum. The Rijksmuseum fail to carry out the research required prior to the donation. The family, represented by Martha Visser of Bergh Stoop & Sanders, will claim restitution of the painting in court.

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